Address: Gate Village, Building 3 - towards DIFC Parking - Trade Centre - DIFC - Dubai

Contacts: +97143640111

Capital Club Dubai is a premium exclusive businesspersons club, a platform where eclectic business leaders meet and discuss challenges and opportunities, interact with government, and help shape future policies to create a fertile economic environment.

  • We engage with thought leadership and industry experts from the region and the world, in the form of roundtables and panel discussions, online and in-person.
  • The important insights from these discussions are captured in the form of reports and videos.
  • We are a bridge between the public and private sector, enabling dialogue between business leaders and government ministries
  • We are creating a legacy of knowledge, inclusive opportunities, and collaborations with diverse stakeholders.
  • The Capital Club brings together and connect all the participants of the ‘Impact Ecosystem’: members and public organizations; start-ups; academia; incubators and accelerators; and investors and venture builders.
  • The Capital Club is a platform for the exchange of knowledge, business models, successful business cases and general support for impact start-ups.
  • The Capital Club is helping to shift investment flows, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and/or Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) strategies, direct both public and private money to address the global challenges.

In short, our 1200+ members represent the pinnacle of respective fields, and membership in the Club provides you with limitless opportunities. These will be facilitated by our membership staff or by attendance at one of our exceptional events.


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