Giuseppe Stanzione

Restaurant: Glicine*, Amalfi (SA), Italy

Chef Giuseppe Stanzione, the mastermind behind the mesmerizing dishes that grace the tables of Glicine, a Michelin-starred haven within the glamorous Hotel Santa Caterina in Amalfi, is a culinary artist who weaves stories with flavors. His culinary creations transcend mere nourishment; they are a celebration of love, an orchestration of emotions that tantalize not just the palate but all the senses.

Stanzione’s journey through the world of culinary excellence began in 1998, where he took his first steps in the storied kitchens of the renowned Convivio Troiani. His culinary path led him through the vibrant landscapes of Bologna, Verona, and the enchanting village of Ravello. Fuelled by his insatiable passion for travel and the desire for knowledge, Stanzione embarked on a series of professional sojourns that took him to far-flung destinations, from the sun-kissed shores of California to the vibrant landscapes of Australia, and as far afield as China and Thailand.

In 2011, he assumed the helm at Le Trabe Restaurant in Capaccio-Paestum, a pivotal moment in his career where he was awarded his first Michelin star. His journey then led him to Glicine, where his culinary prowess garnered another Michelin star in 2020, an accolade that solidified his status as a culinary luminary.

Stanzione’s culinary identity is deeply rooted in his family traditions and culture, where food and conviviality have always held a place of prominence. His cuisine is a testament to his unique ability to blend the local recipes of the Amalfi coast with his distinctive touch, resulting in dishes that are both innovative and personal. His attention to detail is nearly obsessive, a characteristic that elevates his creations to culinary artistry.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Stanzione’s culinary ethos. He is deeply committed to responsible environmental practices, meticulously managing resources, and minimizing waste. His objective is clear: to create dishes that communicate directly with the palate, offering clean, recognizable, and natural flavors.

Giuseppe Stanzione’s cuisine is a journey along the Amalfi coast, a UNESCO World Heritage site celebrated for its beauty. Here, he has access to an abundance of quality raw materials that fuel his creativity. The culinary culture in this region places good cuisine at the zenith of human life, a dimension where the art of hospitality is revered.

Stanzione has a remarkable ability to disrupt culinary norms and challenge the memories of diners. His signature dishes have become classics, from the delicate “Aubergine Parmigiana 2.20” to the indulgent “Tortelli Filled with Veal Genovese with Parmigiano Reggiano Zabaglione 36 Months.” His creations are both original and unforgettable, such as the “Buffalo and Raspberry” dessert.

Giuseppe Stanzione is not merely a chef; he is a culinary storyteller, an artist who masterfully composes tales with flavors, leaving an indelible mark on the world of gastronomy and igniting the senses and hearts of those fortunate enough to savor his culinary masterpieces.


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