Francesco Stara

Restaurant: Fradis Minoris*, Pula (CA), Italy

Francesco Stara was born in Sassari in 1987. He decided to attend the hotel institute, taking advantage of the summer period to work in the best hotels of Costa Smeralda.
Once graduated, he moved to Milan, to work with Chef Andrea Provenzani at Il Liberty restaurant and at the age of 19 he decided to have his first experience abroad and flew to the English capital, spending a total of seven years, where he trained in high-level establishments learning different types of cuisine.
At this point he decided to continue his professional career by travelling to destinations such as Sao Paulo, St. Barth, Sydney and Dubai, taking on the role of chef de cuisine at the Cavalli club at the Fairmont hotel.
His approach to sustainable cuisine began in 2017 in North America on the Canadian Atlantic coast where he co-owned a farm-to-table concept.
Francesco decided to return to Italy, to start again in his home country, and landed at Fradis Minoris starting his first season in 2020.
After only eight months of work, he was awarded his first red Michelin star, as well as a green star for sustainability, holding it to this day.


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