Andrea Tumbarello

Restaurant: Don Giovanni, Madrid, Spain

Andrea Tumbarello, the Italian chef who conquered Madrid

Andrea Tumbarello was born in Marsala, Sicily, in 1964. He studied economics, but his passion for food was always present in his life.

In 1989, he moved to Spain for the first time to spend Easter in Málaga. There, he met Carol, a pharmacist, and they fell in love. They married in 2005 and moved to Madrid, where Tumbarello opened his first restaurant, Don Giovanni.

The restaurant was located just 200 meters from Tumbarello’s home. One night in 2005, he went to Don Giovanni for dinner and was disappointed by the quality of the pasta. He asked to speak to the owner, who offered to sell him the restaurant.

Tumbarello took the challenge and quickly turned Don Giovanni into a success. The restaurant is now one of the most popular Italian restaurants in Madrid, and it has won numerous awards, including two Michelin stars.

Tumbarello is known for his simple but authentic Italian cuisine. He uses fresh, seasonal ingredients and prepares his dishes with care. He is also a passionate advocate for Italian products, including truffles, olive oil, and gin.


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